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Salman Sesi was born in Telkaif and sent to school in Baghdad. Salman continued his education and graduated from the University of Baghdad School of Law. He immigrated to America in 1950 to continue higher education in the legal field. He became the first Chaldean attorney in the United States in 1954 when he graduated from Detroit College of Law with a Juris Doctor (now Michigan State University College of Law). In 1955, Salman married Badia and moved back to Baghdad to practice law. He expanded his practice and became special counsel for the American Embassy representing the United States. In 1959, Salman returned to Detroit in an effort to protect his family after a bloody revolution in Iraq in which the king and Prime Minister were killed.


Salman established his own law firm in Detroit, and had a long legal career serving for over 50 years in the Metro Detroit area, specializing in corporate and commercial law.

Salman was active in many areas outside of the field of law. His many accomplishments include serving as advisor to President George HW Bush during the Iraq/Kuwait conflict in 1991, as well as helping the indigent, providing scholarships for students, and mentoring young attorneys.


Salman was extremely involved in politics and charities. Salman represented the Chaldean community through his positions in civic, philanthropic, and professional organizations both locally and nationally. He served on many boards throughout his career, including Omnicare of Michigan, the United Way, the Arab American and Chaldean Social Services Council, and was a past president of the Northwest Bar Association, to name a few.


Salman also received awards from many organizations, including the Ellis Island Award, the International Institute Heritage Hall of Fame Award,  Friends Community Service Award, the Anthony Wayne Award, initiation into the Michigan Hall of Fame, and the Merit Award from the City of Detroit, among numerous other awards. The Salman T. Sesi building in Detroit was named in his honor by the Arab Chaldean Council.


Salman passed away on December 6, 2016 at home surrounded by his family.






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